The effects of essential oils on health and beauty

The effects of essential oils on health and beauty

Essential oil is a common ingredient in health care products, hair care, and skin care. Besides, essential oil is also used to improve the condition of acne skin. When used correctly, how will essential oils be used to improve health as well as beauty? Let's find out with MIDIMO!

Improve health and morale

Essential oils extracted from herbs work to reduce arthritis, eliminate toxins in the body, treat aches and pains. The scent of some essential oils also helps ward off insects, creating a fresh and cool atmosphere. 

In addition, essential oils bring a sense of relaxation, reduce stress. Therefore, burning essential oils at night is a way to create a good night's sleep, dispel fatigue.

Essential oils are helpful in health and mental well-being.


Improve hair, damaged skin

Essential oils have the effect of eliminating dead cells on the skin, creating firmness for the skin and slow down the aging process. Daily massage with essential oils before moisturizing will increase the elasticity of the skin. For hair, you should use essential oils to accelerate the circulation in the vessels, soothe the scalp, minimize breakage and stimulate hair growth, creating a silky shine. In professional spas, essential oils are often put into a soaking bath to cleanse the body and save the fragrance for a long time.

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