What is essential oil?

What is essential oil?

Is extracted from plants, from a variety of flowers, leaves, branches, roots, stems, wood ... create unique scent unique and applied in many cases in life ... called essential oils. So what exactly is essential oil and how is it present in our lives? Let's find out with MIDIMO!

What is essential oil?

Essential oils are products that are extracted through steam distillation, solvents (this is the most common way to extract essences from plants), and it has a common feature that is volatile. Because of this feature, the extraction of natural essential oils faces many difficulties, as well as the need to apply high technology to be able to derive essences from flowers, leaves, branches, roots ... of each type of food. object.

There are flowers with very little content of natural oils that are very volatile (such as lotus flowers, lilies ...), therefore, must use modern and advanced technology to extract to be able to keep. This essential ingredient (this is also the point that makes the value of each type of oil high and low, depending on the difficulty in the extraction process and the material source of each different type).

Thereby, what is essential oil will be summarized as follows:

  • Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants

  • Essential oils are extracted by steam distillation, solvent

  • Essential oils are difficult to extract, often with modern technology

  • Extraction of essential oils requires a lot of ingredients

  • Essential oils are very volatile

  • Essential oils contain unique aromatic compounds unique to each plant

  • Essential oils with high concentrations (compounds specific to each plant)

  • Essential oils have the effect of relaxing, treating ... useful for health (relaxation, beauty, skin care, medical treatment ...)

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