Hearing Hoi An’s story: when the scent turns emotions

Hearing Hoi An’s story: when the scent turns emotions

I arrived in Hoi An in the afternoon of the rain, walking around the old town, inhaling the familiar smell of the land rushing after the rain, holding up the old film machine ... splitting ... 1 photo of Hoi An was "refreshed" was born.

Delighted with the results in my hand, I suddenly heard a faint aroma of woody wood mixed with a slight spicy taste like the smell of the kitchen in the past, when I was walking with her together, walking quickly to find emotion. Familiar, the stall seems to sell natural essential oils with the words MIDIMO - Senteurs du Vietnam right before your eyes. Observing slowly from the rustic wooden sign, the simple layout does not make me fussy, indeed the grandparents have the phrase "Organic Radiation Natural Aroma" which is not wrong.  

Stepping inside, slowly scanning the wooden shelves, suddenly, in his ear, he heard the sound of pouring tea from the kettle to the cup, the faint aroma of lotus, a young girl, shoulder-length hair came to invite tea. I guess it must be the owner of this place. Somewhat surprised, the two hands picked up the cup of tea and did not forget to say thank you, and I guessed correctly, she was the one who brought the MIDIMO store to the ancient town of Hoi An.

Traveling is exploring, is coming to a new city, being immersed in the cultural history of each place, I gladly accepted the invitation as soon as I received the suggestion to spend some time, sit down to share the scent stories behind this MIDIMO name.

For mistress, the scent is not only a simple accessory to help us be different, it is also a weapon to evoke emotions in each memory domain of each person. For example, mentioning the smell of Khuynh Diep, people immediately remember the image of the mother and the newly born babies, or the incense of pine, some reminiscent of the years spent waving with friends. breaking new lands with the feeling of liberty that pine oil brings.

Especially, with the pride of the Vietnamese people, our country has so many valuable products, why not take advantage and develop a brand of 100% natural essential oil made in Vietnam? I nodded, concurrently, Vietnamese should use Vietnamese goods. It turned out that, in order to extract more than 10 different flavors, the whole MIDIMO team had to go to the material areas throughout the S-shaped country, from the Northern Highlands to the Western Delta, to select pepper products. The most representative, as the characteristic of each city, exploited sustainably through many stages, will eventually get the finished product I am holding. 

Taking another sip of tea, I took the initiative to ask the question, why Hoi An and not any other city? She smiled so brightly, her eyes sparkled, and reached for me a postcard with a colorful bouquet of confetti on the typical golden wall. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" 

Hoi An, a city located in the long central region of the country, no matter how many ups and downs, Hoi An town is still there with its own love and poem. The scent of memories of cross-country love stories, with joyful happiness and equally sad and sad, lies on the Thu Bon river flowing around the old town.

Not only bringing the intangible cultural values, Hoi An also keeps in everyone's memories with the beauty of interesting traditional villages. First to mention the unique feature - the colorful lanterns shimmering a neighborhood at night. Formed over 400 years ago and the craft of making lanterns is honored among a total of 9 traditional Vietnamese craft villages. Next, Thanh Ha pottery village, Kim Bong carpentry village, with each exquisite handmade product comes to life in every detail. The scent of rustic wood, or the smell of earthenware, the smell of colored paper exposed to the sun, creates characteristics that are both true and warm in association with people's lives.

Turns out, the city is small but has such a great meaning to this girl! Get up to visit a round of the stall, the bottles of natural essential oils, aroma diffusers, incense sticks or herbal teas are carefully arranged. Unexpectedly, the stories behind are so fascinating and interesting.

Thanks for the enthusiasm of the mistress, I moved to the next destination holding a bottle of Cam Lemongrass essential oil with a passionate aroma, mixed with a little sweet, refreshing as a beautiful memory in Hoi An as well. as a gift to get acquainted with a special MIDIMO friend.

If you have the opportunity to visit Hoi An, take some time to come and feel where the flow of time is, which helps you to adventure to long-forgotten memory areas - MIDIMO - Senteurs du Vietnam.

* The stall is located on the corner of Phan Châu Trinh street, very easy to find.

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